The Seven Love Languages

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There is no such thing as identical people. Even identical twins have far more distinguishing features than two drops of sand. Every person is an exclusive reflection of the constant, beautiful universe with all its varieties. That is why it’s so hard to understand each other. I explained seven love languages to speak up and make our mind in front of others; we created tons of devices to communicate with each other. But somehow we are still missing something. A deeper understanding.

When it goes on to building a healthy and loving relationship with our other half – we are often trapped on the battlefield of love trying to figure out the best way possible to make things work. So what’s causing those problems to begin with?

Do we have the keys? Do we speak the love languages? And how many of those languages are out there, to begin with?!

They are as diverse as people are out there in the world. But let’s make it down to 7.
Let’s discuss in this blog today seven love languages we reached with as a basic to every family.

7 Love Languages

1. Physical Touch

How often are you willing to hug your loved one or stroke his hair or feel her heart beating while dancing in the moonlight somewhere far away from the noise of this city? How often do you touch each other to feel connected?

For some people, the power of touch is the most desirable thing as a tool of encouragement. Make an observation. Some people are more likely to find physical contact with the other person than those who are not used to it. The feeling of stiffness. And those heavy hands that wouldn’t even give a hug to a stranger during the Positive thinking conference I went to last year. I felt a physical block. And I asked my other half to touch me as much as he possibly can. This is why every evening after work we have 10-15 minutes just to lay down on our bed and fool around with lots of kisses, cuddles, and laugh. The warm touch of a person is as necessary as the touch of the sunlight to the growing tree.

A hugging couple

2. Spending Time

Unfortunately, we are living in a busy world. And I do understand how hard it sometimes seems to find a minute even to brush our teeth properly. And more importantly, it becomes the norm not to dedicate even 10 minutes to your wife after a crazy busy day at work. Why I say “wife” ?! Because I made an observation and it turned out that women are more likely to feel a lack of quality time spent with her other half. Make that special time during your day for the person you love to be truly connected to. Those 10 minutes will go a long way to improving everything in your relationship.

A senior Couple

3. The Presents and Gifts

Shopping therapy. But how often are you willing to give a present to your loved one? As a sign of attention. Doesn’t matter what kind of occasion it may be. Every day is a special occasion as long as you are vertical! I am serious. Even a simple flower can bring a smile to your loved one. Make it special!


4. Helping is also a part of love languages

We are all different people. And we all are juggling our daily tasks, studies, work, and other things differently. We are trying to take over control of every single bit, which is ok, but not when it exceeds human nature and nearly breaks us down. That is why it’s ok to ask for help and be observant and give it to people that are dearest to us in our lives.

Old Hands

5. Encouragements & compliments.

Men and women always need to be encouraged! For everything that they do right. For every single nail hammered into the wall and never mind that you asked him to do that a million times before! When your man feels appreciated, he is psychologically forced to do even more and better than everybody else as long as you say so and truly feel it! It’s simple! Men have to be encouraged, and women have to tell them constantly how great and strong they are. And the same for men to compliment women.


6. Boost the Spirit up

Only the close ones know the best way to make our spirit rise. What is important here is to see and observe. My loved one is always busy with their work, and I know how he loves to spend time with his book. So occasionally, when he least expects it, I light candles, spread some bubble bombs, and the music. The perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Whatever your methods are to boost the spirit up, do it with love and affection.

candles and violin

7. Admiration

Every person has something to admire. Find those special features of your loved ones and let them know how great they truly are. Be generous. Spread the word and don’t be cheap with compliments. Do it in front of others, and it will be 100 times more effective and make their night.

A Happy couple having cup of coffee
A Happy couple having cup of coffee


We have to learn to understand each other. Even if you think it’s impossible – everything is possible as long as you are committed to your goal.
Keep observing, and maybe you will discover other needs and love languages that were not mentioned here. All we need is love. And freedom to be ourselves here and now.

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