Know Your Arch-Enemy as a Woman!

Besides depression, loneliness, unsuccess, relationship issues, or diseases. Being a woman we get some additional arch-enemy. When a woman born she has three strikes against her.

1. You are a girl

Being a lady still is a curse in so many countries. Especially in undeveloped countries. In India, the sex ratio tells the truth in itself. also, gender inequality exists everywhere. Even in the workplace too. If you are a female. There are more chances for sexual harassment. Otherwise, you face pressure in whatever we do that could even lead us to leave the job. This is seen in both private and public sector jobs. Today Women have reached the sky. But still, the orthodox mindset of our society doesn’t consider women in competition with the men. All the privileges are still men oriented. I mean both should be treated equally.

2. You are young.

Women are always told to stay safe and stay careful. Also, we are not allowed to step out of the home in the night, “Don’t wear jeans and a top” This is something women are always made to hear. the conservative theory exists today too. Crime figures of women can shiver anyone. I don’t want to drag any data here.

If a girl is an adult( crossed 18+ age) becomes her parents’ biggest problem. Crimes such as Dowry rape and molestation are common.

3. You are a dark complexion.

The blackness of a girl in India is also considered a curse. This is prejudice or discrimination in which people treat different skin shaded people differently.

Everyone chooses a fair girl for their son’s wedding, even if their son is dark complexed.

We people have conservative thinking that people who are fair complexion are more beautiful, or should be given more preference.

A dark-colored girl is often teased and is always asked to use a skin whitening cream. But less that they know that these creams have a lesser or negligible effect on skin tone.

 People are born great individuals who are taught hatred.


People today are understanding that a girl is equally capable of doing what a boy can do.

I would say, women associated with feminism should move forward to make them skilled and get themselves ready to compete in the workplace instead of gender discrimination.

And women should not be portrayed as Victims. We are more strong than we think. Women are graceful in every form and in every color. Always remember that we are unique and beautiful.

There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.- Madeleine Albright

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