How to get rid of cramps is never that easy as it is considered. Many women have cramps before and during their periods. Cramps are normal and are treatable.

Why cramps occurs?

Periods cramps can be really painful & uncomfortable. Period cramps happen for a reason. During the period, the uterus gets contracted that means it squeezes or cramps up. This makes the lining come off the walls of the uterus and leave the body. When uterus squeezes, it helps the period blood flow out.

Most women get cramps during their periods at some point in their lives. It usually feels like throbbing pains in your lower belly. These cramps can start a couple of days before your period and sometimes remain throughout the periods. Generally, Cramps are awful during the first few days of periods when the period flow is the excess.

You can get cramps as soon as you get your first period. Your periods can be less or more painful throughout life. For many women, cramps happen less painful as they grow older.

Menstrual cramps can be painful, nasty, or irritating, but cramps are common.

How To Get Rid of Cramps?

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What helps with cramps?

  1. Over-the-counter pain medicine can help you. Always follow the instructions on the bottle. Always consult with your doctor before taking any pain killer medication.
  2. Exercise.
  3. Putting a heating pad on the abdomen.
  4. Taking a hot bath.
  5. Having an orgasm.
  6. Rest.
  7. Massage your tummy with essential oils
  8. Avoid Caffeine and Salty food
  9. Hormonal birth control (like the pill, patch).
  10. Acupuncture and acupressure.
  11. Certain vitamins and herbs like vitamin B1, fish oil, fenugreek, ginger, and zinc sulfate.
  12. Stay Hydrated

Cramps are a common part of getting your period, but sometimes women have period cramps that are so painful it becomes difficult to do everyday chores too(like go to school or work). If your period pain is really awful, and over-the-counter medicine does not work, consult with the doctor. They can help you by other ways to manage the pain, or can check to see “is there something more serious going on”.

Cramps that are really painful may be a sign of:

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: An infection in your reproductive organs.

Endometriosis: a condition of growing uterus line outside of the uterus.

Adenomyosis: when the lines of the uterus grow into the muscle wall of the uterus.

Uterine fibroids: non-cancerous tumors that grow inside your uterus, in the walls of your uterus, or on the outside of your uterus.


When getting older you may face these types of cramps. As time passes these can get worsen. They may happen for longer than other cramps.

Period cramps are very common, but there are times when they can interfere with your day-to-day life. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ease the pain and discomfort caused by these pesky cramps.

If, however, the pain doesn’t go away after a couple of days or is so extreme that you have difficulty functioning, be sure to follow up with your doctor.

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