7 Tips to Create a Positive Mindset Permanently.

I believe that having a positive mindset is one of the biggest values in life. Living in Positivity, kindness, compassion, happiness is what we are here for.

It is a thing that has to be mastered as we live in a world full of cruelty and negativity. Bad things happen all the time, but we have to have that faith and trust in life so we can live in peace and abundance.

I can tell you that it is easy. You only have to decide to change your mindset in a more positive way and you are already halfway there.

Positivity and fulfillment can be found by creating a positive mindset, which will upgrade your life and make being happy and at peace way easier.

Learn how to change your life forever by these 7 positive mindset hacks I have compiled to help you live your best life.

Positive Mindset Tips to Change Your Life for The Better

1. Live More, Don’t Just Exist

A long time ago I was in a place in life where I only existed. I didn’t do what I love, I was a huge example of a person who follows what society thinks is right. It is such a prison, I can say.

We all have to live more to experience this life. Think less (of course, be responsible), do what your gut is telling you. It is our biggest superpower in life — what we have to do to use this superpower for us not against us — is to listen. Listen to yourself, to your body. Be in the now, and enjoy the now.

There is no need to live in the past or future, all we have is the present moment. Live it!

2. Speak Positive Language to Yourself

Instead of :

  • I am not worthy
  • Life sucks
  • Everything is so hard
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • What’s the point in life?

be more like :

  • Life is so easy
  • I am loved, brave, and I can do everything in life
  • Money comes to me quickly and easily
  • It is so beautiful to be alive
  • I have a purpose

Do you see it? I personally love to read the second list. The first one is way too tough and pointless. Speaking positively to yourself is like appreciating yourself in this life and attracting the best.

Remember — you get what you give. You get what you say. So say only the things you want, things you desire. Love yourself enough to be kind and to deserve the best.

3. Look for The Good in Every Situation

Everything happens for a reason. I wasn’t a believer until I started my self-development journey. Every situation in life comes as a lesson. It can be good or bad, but they teach you something.

So I encourage you to see situations as good lessons for your self-development. It takes time and practice, because, yes, situations can be so hard, but they are there for you to grow.

Take out the best from every circumstance you are in, see the positive and as great and positive lessons for your life journey.

4. You Recieve What You Offer

You get what you give. As simple as that. It is the law of this life, you will only fool yourself if you try to outflank this law. If you give more positivity, you get more positive things in life, if you give more cruelty and madness, you get the same kind of circumstances and situations in life. It is such a boomerang effect.

I cannot admire enough of our possibilities and power. We just have to use them carefully. You attract what you give out. If you want love in your life, give more love to yourself and others.

or want to be surrounded by kindness, be kinder. If want to be happier, think happier thoughts. Your state of mind creates your reality. So if you are in a happier state of mind, your reality would reflect that.

5. Appreciate Always What You Have

Look around you.

Are your basic survival needs met?

Do you have enough food, clothes, and a safe place to sleep?

Are you having air to breathe?

Have you a functioning body?

Now Can you see the sufficiency all around you?

There are so many people in life that doesn’t have basic survival needs, they have body disabilities, but they may have a positive mindset. Your biggest gift is that you can master a positive mindset too.

You have everything you need to be happy and fulfilled in life. Instead of focusing on how much more of it you need, shift your focus to appreciate the little bit of it that you have.

Give all your love, attention, and appreciation for every single thing and experience in life. This mindset alone will cause a shift in your life to making you feel more abundant, and then — start having more abundance.

6. To Compare Yourself to Others, Is Just a Waste of Time.

What’s the point of constantly making yourself feel bad about who you are and what you do? It is such a self-harm activity in our generation.

You are stronger and better when you stop comparing yourself and start enjoying your self-being. A unique personality with talents and skills that no one else has.

As an individual, you see life in a different and beautiful perspective. Why fit in when you were born to brighten up?

Appreciate yourself. You came here on Earth to be different and not to copy others. Your taste of life may inspire others, but if you want to shine and sprinkle your own existence over others, then just be yourself in your own unique way.

Be a lot more you, and a less more them.

7. Your Thought Shape Your Reality

These are the keywords I now stand for. Conscious awareness + intention + inspired action — DESIRES FULFILLED. Manifesting what you want is simple math.

Every single thing starts in your mind, no matter the conscious or subconscious. Your responsibility is to set an intention of what you want (and not what you do not want), open your mind by meditating and unlearning, and then act on what your gut is telling you.

Your reality reflects your inner home. So make sure your inner and outer homes are great places to be.

By practicing these simple positive mindset hacks, I have come to the place in life where I feel so happy, grateful and everything in life happens for me, not to me. I manifest easily, I am kind to others, life is so easy.


These mindset changes will lead you to your dream life. The key is to practice, practice, practice. Okay, you fail. So what? Keep continuing and do not quit. Changing bad habits and mindsets take time and commitment. But you have to sacrifice that bad life spiral to live differently, more positive, more fulfilled.

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