Intermittent Fasting Side Effects

One of the usual and popular methods of losing weight is Intermittent fasting. Beginners can reduce weight with this method of fasting. But over practices of fasting are causing health problems. There are different methods to follow to acquire body fitness. So, fasting from the short time to the longer time. Depending on their interest in implementing or extending the fasting time.

The main intention of intermittent fasting is to have the best energy while fasting. Most people fast the maximum time while they are sleeping. A little more prolonged fasting can work in reducing weight efficiently.

But it may not be suitable for a few people if carried out for a long time. Sometimes it is their health conditions that they do not support. The more extended period without any food intake also causes intermittent fasting side effects.

Intermittent fasting side effects that are harmful

So, regular fasting may range from 8 hours; it can extend to 12 hours regularly. But longer periodic breaks than 12 hours of continuing regularly may cause health issues. They are:

Brain Fog

Miserable experiences are brain fog, especially when a properly balanced diet is not taken after hours of fasting. A person will lack thinking ability which can hamper different decision-making activities or work. Often beginners are not aware of the deficiencies a body lacks can be maintained by supplements in proper nutrition.

Focusing becomes difficult, with headaches regularly. It is doing no good to the health, work, and personal life balances.

Low Blood Sugar

Reducing blood sugar can be risky to human health. Fasting can be for long or short hours, but proper nutritious food must be in a routine. Low blood sugar can lead to unconsciousness, weakness in the body, and lack of energy.

Those undergoing intermittent fasting should not provide any scope to allow low blood sugar to affect the potentials. Extremities of hypoglycemia may lead to shakiness and weakening of the body. Sometimes it may turn to become life-threatening.

Sleep disturbances

Everyone can realize a comfortable and sound sleep after a stomach filled after lunch or dinner. But if a person is trying to lose weight through fasting methods, then it will hamper sleep if it is stretched for long hours and over six months. The main motive is to use energy while sleeping, but sleep hungry belly will not allow it when it comes to sound. It is mainly for those undergoing a low-carb diet for more than six months which can have severe sleeping problems such as insomnia.

Mood swings

Low energy due to intermittent fasting can lead to mood swings. Complications take place when low-carb diets with incomplete balanced food are taken for the long term. It will always bring changes in the mood of a person. Low blood sugar, low blood pressure, and lacking concentrating will develop a tendency to mood swings.

Depressions, anxiety, and headaches are common that reduces the patience in a person’s behavior. It will always be making them less happy and motivated.

Intermittent fasting will be helpful when following a proper nutrition and fitness schedule. Indulging in improper and unbalanced fitness methods will put your health in complications.

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