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How to Cool Yourself in the Middle of Emotional Rage.

Have you ever experienced standing amid an Emotional rage, an emotional storm? How did you find to cool down your mind and stepped outside of that emotional storm?

How to Cool Yourself in the Middle of an Emotional rage?

Remember the last time you’ve found yourself in the middle of an emotional storm? What did you do to get out?

How can we have better reactions to the events in our life that we can’t control? How do we stop being emotionally allergic to everything?

We are human beings, and we are emotional creatures.
We feel deeply. And that is a great thing indeed up until the moment when we let those feelings break free from our control. Emotions are powerful, that is precisely why learning how to control and calm the emotional storms is equally powerful.

Let’s say, someone canceled on a meeting with you right at the last moment, or you got stood up for a date. Do you fall into frustration? Do you feel angry? Perhaps, you feel slightly amused or not at all: indifferent to what just happened.

How well are you able to step outside of the emotional storm and let it go? Or do you choose to hold onto grudges?
You see, the way we choose to respond to emotional challenges directly impacts everything we do, and we let our feelings break free from our control is quicksand way to lose what we’ve worked hard to achieve.
Life is impossible to imagine without overcoming challenges and jumping over the roadblocks here and there.

When those obstacles come up, we could there’s a temptation to react emotionally, throwing hands in the air, giving up.
Next time when you find yourself in the middle of an emotional storm, take a moment and take a deep breath in. By doing so, you are creating a pause to stop and reflect, rather than react.

A quotes image

What are you reacting to? Question to yourself about every moment of your life when your peace is disturbed.

Take a Deep Breath

When you are in the middle of emotional rage, stressing out, you’ll often start breathing faster as your body prepares itself for fight-or-flight, or you’ll hold your breath.

It’s something of a mantra that controlling your breath will wash you over with a sense of calm when you need it the most.

Science proves breathwork, an effective strategy for managing daily stress and anxiety, triggering neurons in the brain that tell the body it’s time to relax.

Meaning, when you are focusing on your breathing, you are physically forcing your entire body to calm down, which will give you more breathing space in your head too. Best of all, it doesn’t take long, and you can do it anywhere you go.

Try this breathing exercise:
  • place one hand on your chest and one hand on your abdomen
  • breath slowly through your nose with your mouth shut
  • as you inhale push your belly out against your hand –– feel your tummy and your hand rise
  • hold for two seconds
  • exhale slowly through your nose –– feel your stomach deflate and your hand fall
  • smile as you exhale (because smiling makes you feel happier); picture someone you love or a happy place that makes you feel good –– imagine anything that will inspire a smile.

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6 Best tips for calmness, Health, and Mindfulness.

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The Five Best Meditation app in 2020.

We are fully surrounded by technology and devices. So some people find meditation app useful for themself. As life gets increasingly busy with more distractions content for our time, it’s never been more important to be mindful of what’s going on inside and outside our bodies. Mindfulness is living in the moment and being aware of our thoughts and feelings as they happen.
When we practice this, it can positively change the way we observe ourselves and our lives.

Tuning into your body’s thoughts and emotions not only helps you become more aware of the signs of stress, but it also gives you the opportunity to deal with them. Of course, some stress is good for you but too much can cause serious issues including heart disease, stroke, asthma, diabetes, and some types of cancer. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) also recommends mindfulness as a way to prevent depression in those who’ve had 3 or more bouts of depression in the past.

Meditation earphone

Here we are describing our five top picked Meditation app.

All these apps are available on Android and IOS.


Described by a user as “a truly life-changing app”, Calm is the perfect meditation app for beginners (there’s a seven-day beginner’s program to get you started) but also includes programs for more advanced users.

The short, guided meditation sessions cover the basics of mindfulness. And there’s also a library of soothing nature sounds and scenes to use at your leisure. One great feature if you’re looking to improve your sleeping patterns is the ‘Sleep Stories’. Bedtime stories for adults ‘guaranteed to lull you to sleep’.


Designed to help you train your mind and body for a healthier, happier life and get the most out of your day. Headspace can be used anywhere. This app’s free version provides meditations and exercises led by Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe. That will teach you the essence of meditation and mindfulness.

Named an ‘Independent Best Buy’ and featured on The Ellen Show and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. A recent Headspace user review states: “After a couple of days with guided meditations I could really notice a difference in my way of handling stressful moments.”


If you’re looking for a personalized meditation and mindfulness experience, Aura may be the best app for you. Described as a ‘new kind of mindfulness app’, Aura learns about you by asking questions. You then get a daily three-minute mindfulness meditation based on your answers.

Compatible with the Apple Watch and loved by Apple (#1 New Apps We Love), Aura is designed to help you control your stress and thoughts better to reduce stress and increase positivity. A recent user review said: “It helps me take a step back from my busy schedule and to calm my nerves.”


One more best app offering a personalized meditation and mindfulness experience is Stop, Breathe & Think. According to Reviews, this app has ‘stand out’ systemization tools that deliver meditations based on your current emotions and feelings.

A recent study explained a 22% low in users feeling anxious after just 10 short sessions. The 2017 Webby People’s Voice Award winner app for Best Health App. A current app user described Stop, Breathe & Think like a “great app to begin a new meditation practice or strengthen an existing one.”


Described by the Independent as “a social network for the people who does meditation”. Insight Timer allows you to share and discuss your mindfulness experience with like-minded people around the globe. Community groups include Beginners, Transcendental Meditation, and far more. Plus there’s a packed library of guided meditations led by the world’s top mindfulness experts and meditation teachers.

Winner of TIME magazine’s Apps of the Year, a recent user had this to say: “Fantastic app! Helped me get back on track with meditation. Huge variety of meditations, talks & support.”

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What are the Signs of Emotional Abuse in a relationship?

Emotional abuse is said to be more harmful than physical abuse because it cuts to the very core of a person’s self-esteem. It can cripple the victim in far more ways than physical abuse. Physical wounds heal. But emotional wounds cut deep.

What are the Signs of Emotional Abuse in a relationship?

Emotional abuse cuts to the core of a person because the behaviors are more subtle. Being told you’re ugly, that no one else could possibly love you, that you’re a deadbeat parent, and that you can’t do anything right is more about sabotaging the victim’s spirit and inner self.

What are the Signs of Emotional Abuse in a relationship?

You show off a new dress to your spouse. You picked it out because red is your favorite color. He says, “It flatters on you, but you always looked good in blue.

Do you consider it as an abusive comment? Not if it’s said in a loving gesture!

But if your spouse said something like, “Well, why do you pick THAT dress? I guess you do. if you like that sort of thing.”

Do you consider it as an abusive comment? Absolutely YES.

What’s the difference between these two statements? The differences are three-fold, tone of voice, words actually spoken, and body language. The second statement also carries a degrading undertone.

We all exhibit these behaviors on some level at points in our lives. But what makes the relationship abusive is the habitual nature of the behaviors. It happens on a continual basis and forms a pattern.

The abuser is seen as more dominant in the relationship. This person will control you through behaviors, actions, and words to erode your self-esteem, confidence, self-worth, trust (in yourself and in others), and your emotional stability.

Even non-verbal behaviors like heavy sighs, eye-rolling, disgusted glances, giving the cold shoulder, slamming doors, banging cups around, and punching holes in the walls can be considered abusive.

Abusive Behaviors

Below is a list of things that are experienced and felt like a victim of emotional abuse and domestic violence.

  • Living in fear of partner.
  • You feel so alone.
  • Feel like your opinions never matter.
  • Walking on eggshells, being extra careful about what should be said or did.
  • Feel humiliated and degraded during the many times.
  • Feel such shame when your mistakes are pointed out.
  • You feel so unwanted and unlovable.
  • Never feel appreciated for your hard work.
  • Feel criticism for the smallest things.
  • You are blamed for things that went wrong.
  • Feel like a slave.
  • You are accused of things, like cheating.
  • Never feel validated. Your feelings are always dismissed.


Emotional abuse most often is easiest to detect when witnessed. You might not be aware that you have seen it happening. It can include intimidation, humiliation, ridicule, threats, controlling behavior, and isolation. It also can involve ignoring the person and not giving them attention on purpose, such as for punishment.
Being able to recognize abusive behaviors is the first step towards ending the relationship, and beginning your healing and recovery. If you recognize these signs, I urge you to reach out. There is help out there.

Have you been in an emotionally abusive relationship? Comment below. And as always, We appreciate you sharing your stories with us.

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How to be Happy in Life and Stop Desiring More?

Life lessons from this Lockdown.

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Why Does No Smoking Boost Mental Health?

Smokers die an average of ten years earlier than no smoking person, and that’s not all. If we talk about the United States, 41 thousand people die every year from complications related to secondhand smoke. Anyone who struggles to quit smoking, however, already knows these facts. They have likely heard them or read them over and over again.

Why Does No Smoking Boost Mental Health

Why Does No Smoking Boost Mental Health?

People who smoke often enjoy the action, and many use smoking as a coping mechanism for other underlying mental health problems. Quitting smoking is an enormous hurdle because it isn’t just about getting your nicotine fix. It is also an activity with an adiction.

Those who are 21 or over and trying to quit often find that tobacco alternatives are a helpful tool and tobaccoless dip can be a suitable replacement for the ritual as well as the nicotine in cigarettes. When you use tobaccoless dip, you are not inhaling smoke into your lungs; but you still get many of the same effects of smoking, including nicotine, without the tobacco leaf or stem.

Let’s take a look at some ways smoking affects your mental health, and why the addiction to cigarettes is such a circular problem:

Smoking Makes Changes in Dopamine Production

One of the primary feel-good effects of smoking is the dopamine production a cigarette triggers in your brain. Dopamine release is one of our brain’s primary responses to pleasure, and a deficiency can lead to problems that include depression, working memory issues, and even symptoms of dementia.

When you smoke a cigarette, you get a quick rush of dopamine, and that’s where you get the moment of euphoria—or at the very least, a sense of relaxation.

The problem is, over time, the receptors that trigger a dopamine release in your brain become dependent on the signal from smoking to deliver the goods. Your brain releases less and less dopamine on its own, and you need more cigarettes to get the same effects. It becomes harder and harder to quit smoking because of the lack of independent dopamine production.

Fortunately, you can do things that encourage dopamine release to help get you through the quitting period, and a healthy brain will eventually bounce back to producing the baseline level you were at before you started smoking (usually within about three months). Here are some things that are easy to do and will increase the amount of dopamine in your system:

  • Exercise
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Eating plenty of protein
  • Getting sunlight
  • Listening to music
  • Getting a massage
  • Meditating
  • Laughing with a friend
  • Reducing saturated fats
Man performing dumbel push-ups

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.

Cigarette Cravings Cause Mimic Anxiety

When you want a cigarette, and you can’t smoke one right away, your body starts to experience withdrawal. Many people begin to crave another cigarette before they even put the one they are smoking out. These cravings are early withdrawal symptoms, and they are very similar to anxiety. Symptoms often include:

  • Fatigue
  • Changes in appetite
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Trouble concentrating

People who smoke begin to attribute these symptoms of withdrawal to their personal experience of anxiety, which is why it feels like they need more cigarettes to calm their nerves. In actuality, the smoking is what triggered the anxiety in the first place.

A woman smoking cigarette

You can reduce the anxiety you are experiencing as a result of withdrawal by doing many of the same things that increase dopamine levels in your brain. Exercising, taking deep breaths, talking with friends, and changing your habits around smoking (like drinking coffee) are all good ways to help yourself feel better while you quit.

Smoking Reduces the Effectiveness of Psychoactive Medications

Forty-three percent of the cigarettes smoked in the United States are smoked by people with mental illnesses. Because smoking reduces the effects of most psychoactive drugs, people who smoke must take higher doses for their antidepressants, antianxiety and antipsychotic medications to work properly. If you are on any of these types of medications, it is important to talk to your doctor about the effects of smoking. Once you quit, you may be able to reduce your dosage.

Smoking Causes Unhealthy Coping Habits

The thing many love most about smoking is the feeling that everything is better once you’ve had a cigarette. Bad day at work? Take a smoke break. Tough conversation ahead? Smoke a cigarette. Get bad news? Light up. Bored? Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

It’s difficult to be motivated to develop important coping skills when all you have to do is take a few drags off a cigarette. Everything else seems like so much work! It’s important to remember, though, that a robust set of coping skills will lead to better relationships and more resilience in the face of hardship. Plus, using cigarettes as a way of self-medicating doesn’t work when you are in a situation where you can’t smoke.


Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome. On average, smokers attempt to quit 6-11 times before they are successful; but some people try an even greater number of times. The key is to not give up. There is never any shame or blame in slipping up, and it is essential to have support in your efforts.

Say no to cigarette

There are many methods to quit, and it may take time to find the one that is right for you. Some find that quitting cold turkey is the way to go. Others prefer to use a reduction method or a prescription, gum, or a patch. Still, others find a substitute that gives them the nicotine without the lung-damaging tobacco inhalation. However, you choose to start your journey, Accepting No Smoking, and putting the cigarette down gets you one step closer to better health.

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How to Break free From Stuck with something?

If you feel trapped in a relationship, a job, a situation, or a habit, know this: you can break free and you can start right now. This article will show you how.

A happy girl
A happy girl

We often feel stuck because we believe that something has power over us, something is keeping us down. For 20 years, I was heavily addicted to sugary foods. I felt controlled by sugar and I hated it! And I couldn’t break free because I felt it was too difficult or was constantly waiting for a better environment in which to make the change.

As I became increasingly frustrated and eager to free myself from this filthy habit, I began to look more carefully at those who are able to free themselves from what was holding them back. I noticed a pattern: they made a decision to create change, they took action and persisted until they succeeded.

I realized that by simply hoping or wishing for a change it seldom comes. Yet when we take repeated action, even small steps, change becomes inevitable. To become free from what is holding you back, it is only necessary to take the next step. Just take the next step. And that is what I did until I finally broke free.

If you feel stuck, that means you are in need of break free from it.

If you feel stuck, it means you are in need of change. Life is characterized by change and we need change to thrive and grow. The purpose of life is growth; the advancement and unfolding of life. Remember, growth can only come about through change.

A stuck man
Stucked man

Feeling stuck is the result of routine and settling into a habit. I was previously in a destructive relationship and I knew I had to get out of it, but I allowed myself to continue on for years. I was stuck in it because 1) it seemed to be more painful to make the change than to remain where I was and 2) because I felt I did not have the power to create the change.

So what is the solution? How to get break free from stuck?

We get unstuck by demonstrating to ourselves the power we have to make a change. We should show our brain that it will be easier and less painful to make the change than to continue as things are. Below are some simple exercises which will help you do just that.

Turn your face toward the sun

When I was battling to break free from smoking and my negative relationship, these exercises gave me enormous strength, confidence, and certainty that I could make that change. Suddenly, creating the change seemed easier and I became excited at the adventure ahead. This mental change came quickly, and positive change goes along with just as rapidly.

Woman and sun
women and sun

Right now, making the change may seem overwhelming, but with these exercises, what once seemed difficult will diminish and fall away to the strength of your will. You shall realize that you are the master of your destiny and that your fate is in your hands.

These exercises transformed my life and led to me the lifestyle that I dreamed of. They greatly enhanced the joy and beauty of my life. And they will do the same for you when you choose to apply and persist in them.

Exercises to Get Unstuck and Break Free

Exercise 1:

Take a cold shower. I know you probably don’t feel like it. Though, getting unstuck is all about taking the reins of your own life, taking your rightful place at the throne of your mind. You can do this because all it takes is a decision to do it. And you certainly have that power.

Exercise 2:

Sit completely still without moving for 10 minutes. No physical movement at all, but your thoughts may roam free.

Exercise 3:

Write or type out what you must change and why. Write out all of the pain and suffering that you will have if you don’t change. Then, write out all of the joy and excitement you will experience once you have made the change.

Exercise 4:

Sit in a quiet, dark place where you can be undisturbed. Close your eyes. Feel how it feels to be stuck. Really allow yourself to feel the pain and frustration of where you are now. Do not fear the pain, because it will motivate you to break free from it. Then visualize yourself a year from now, if you continue on the way you are if you never make the change. Visualize how you would feel. How would you explain yourself to others? What would you miss out on in life?

Then visualize yourself five years in the future, still stuck, still never making the change. Really allow yourself to feel how it feels. See yourself in the mirror, how do you look?

Then do the same for ten years and twenty-five years from now. Each time drags with you all the extra pain and suffering you experienced, simply because you never took the action to break free.


Last, imagine yourself on your deathbed, with your loved ones surrounding you. You never broke free, you never made the change and now your life is over. Now, you must apologize to yourself and those you love. How does it feel like to have lived your life this way?

Take a moment to you really feel this, then stand up, shake yourself off and cast aside these images and feelings for now.

Next, sit again with your eyes closed and relax. Now, visualize yourself a year from now having broken free from what was holding you back. The habit, the destructive relationship, the unfulfilling job or lifestyle has become a thing of the past. You took action to unstuck yourself. You persisted and didn’t give up and now you reap the rewards. Feel how it feels to be free, to have moved onwards and upwards to more vibrant and exhilarating life. Really allow yourself to feel it, make it real in your mind.

Then, do the same thing for five years in the future. How do you feel? How do you look? Do you carry yourself differently? What can you now do that you couldn’t before?

man jumping on hills
man jumping on hills

Next, do the same for ten and twenty-five years from now, carrying with you all the extra joy and excitement that you experience. Finally, see yourself at the end of your life and look back on your life and compare it to how it would have been had you never made the change if you never took the move to break free.


Now, come back to the present moment and realize that, right now, you have a choice. There are two paths before you, which future do you want? Make the choice, take action, and don’t look back.

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5 Best Ways to Be Happy with Your Life.

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5 Best Ways to Be Happy with Your Life

Life can get insanely busy when by the end of the day you can feel exhausted and burned out. It’s impossible to completely avoid becoming burned out. You obviously have to go to work and take care of your family. But what you need know is, how to carry on both while still feeling like you have time for yourself. Five Best Ways to Be Happy with Your Life and keep your sanity. Includes taking more vacations, make time for yourself daily, partake in yoga, or some other type of meditation, create a good daily schedule, and prioritize your duties.

1. Take more Vacations

People tend to think vacations are just for the summertime. But if you feel like you working hard and deserve more time to yourself. Add more than just your annual beach vacation to the mix.

Daughter and Father at Beach
Daughter and Father at Beach

Switch it up and go somewhere new and beautiful such as Hill station or sea beaches. Either take a tour of Italy or France.

When you find a great vacation spot that you most want to visit make yourself and the things you want to see a priority for the rest of the year you can’t.

Taking more vacations not only boosts your mood and reduces depression but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment and justifies all of the hard work you do for the rest of the year. It’s great to have the adventure to look forward to.

2. Always Take out Time For Yourself

It’s hard, especially if you are a working parent, to find a way to make time for yourself on a daily basis.

Earphones and Coffee
Earphones and Coffee

It’s very important that you allow yourself some time to unwind and to be left alone at the end of the day in order to keep yourself fresh and able to conquer your next challenge.

Whether it be just a little time in the morning that you set aside for your morning coffee alone or in the evening when the kids have gone to bed and you read a book by yourself or watch something on T.V. No matter what it is you do, just make sure you do it for you and do it alone in peace every day.

If your goodness does not include yourself, it is incomplete.

3. Start Practicing Yoga

Yoga is a great way to meditate while also toning your muscles and relieving daily stress.

Lady doing meditation

It is also a way to ensure you are getting some time for yourself since the yoga class will take away the possibility of any distractions you may get at home and force your mind to relax and concentrate on your body and the present moment.

If you can’t find time in your schedule for a yoga class, give home yoga practice with Adriene a shot!

Even if yoga is really not your thing, any type of exercise or recreational activity can give you the same results such as archery, swimming, or even fishing!

4. Schedule & Prioritize

Another super ninja way to take control back in your life is to create and stick to a schedule.

Woman making to do List
Woman making to do List

Schedules can be both good and bad, but if followed accordingly on a loose basis, schedules could be life-saving.

When you are trying to juggle a million things at one time on a daily basis coming up with a well organized and solid schedule will make you feel more in control and less stressed out trying to figure out what day it is and when you have to pick up the kids!

5. Prioritize Your Daily Activities

If you do not have time, the truth is, you do not have priorities.

Lady doing crunches
Lady doing crunches

When you’ve got a busy schedule and there is only so much time in the day. Prioritizing your daily duties can help you feel more in control and confident knowing you are doing what needs to be done and what is most important to you.

Go through your list of daily activities. Don’t be afraid to cross things off that aren’t that important to you. You can clean and de-clutter that closet another time.


So if you want to maintain control in your life and you are starting to feel overwhelmed. Make sure you are creating schedules, prioritizing your duties, and always making time for yourself in this busy busy life!

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5 Complete Skin Care Tips & How to Glow it.

Focus on skin care tips when you’re just trying to look your best isn’t a simple matter. If you weren’t blessed with trouble-free skin and instead have an overly sensitive type that’s prone to blemishes or acne, then life could be a bit harder.
It’s not necessary to get overly fancy with your personal skincare routine. Just showing your skin a bit caring is often enough. Using a more holistic or gentler approach works better than multiple solutions that could make matters worse.

Here are some suggestions for skin care tips that works wonders.

1. Know Your Skin

Don’t become surprised at a breakout or unexpected irritation.

A beautiful woman

Learn what type of skin you have, how it’s susceptible, and do your best to protect against it.

For instance, if you suffer from acne periodically, then it’s worth acknowledging that vulnerability. Being gentler with your skin is worth the extra time.

Also, looking into whether treatments using ingredients originating from nature are likely to be more soothing. There are several benefits of using aloe vera for acne, for instance, to avoid irritation and calm things down.

2. Using a Quality Cleanser is one of the best skin care tips

Cleansing gets rid of any dirt, oils, and other particles that find their way to your face, neck, and surrounding areas. The more time you spend in public spaces or even out engaging in some well-deserved retail therapy, the greater likelihood that this is going to be a problem for you.

skin cleanser
skin cleansing

We’d recommend cleansing not once, but twice. This avoids using other facial products like creams and makeup that go over the top of any residue that’s not been removed first. If that seems excessive, just know that it’ll likely cause greater skin issues if you don’t cleanse thoroughly.

3. Verify All Your current Beauty Products

It’s all too easy to purchase beauty products in larger sizes, use them slowly, and find they’re past their expiry date. If you’re not careful, it will catch you completely off-guard.

Beauty Product
Beauty Product

Check every beauty product to verify the date when it should be thrown out. Most products last 3 to 6 months only, so use this as a rule of thumb.

Also, while you’re examining each beauty product, look at the ingredients to see what they contain. You may be surprised and decide that certain skincare products don’t meet the standard for caring for your skin. Now’s the time to make that change for the better.

4. Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Everyone needs to get some time out in the sun. It’s great to soak up vitamin D and relax!

Girl sitting in sun
girl sitting in sun

Nevertheless, don’t forget about ensuring your skin is healthy at the same time.

Use sunblock or suncream to block out UVB and UVA sun rays. The protection should SPF 15 or better to be effective enough.

Preventing the sun from damaging the surface of your skin avoids drying it out excessively and premature aging too.

5. Get Enough Sleep

One of the more complete and natural things to do for your whole body is to get enough sleep.

Woman sleeping on mattress

If you’re someone who likes to party the night away, sips on the wine, and suffers for it the next day with bags under the eyes and a worn-out appearance, then that’s a problem.

Understand that you can attend parties without needing to consume too much alcohol or barely making it back before morning. Find an appropriate balance here.

Also, get to bed early enough to ensure you sleep for longer. Try to wake up without an alarm. It’s far more pleasant than being jolted awake by a loud alarm.


Complete skin care tips isn’t only about using the right beauty products. While that certainly helps, being mindful to provide self-care to yourself is just as important.

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Is Any Wrong Way of Breathing in Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a fantastic way to create awareness of our surroundings and find a sense of peace within ourselves. Often, those who are at the very beginning of their mindfulness meditation practice, people get distracted thinking about their Breathing in Meditation too much. People wonder if they should breathe as they usually would or if they need to breathe in a specific way.

Is Any Wrong Way of Breathing in Meditation?

Meditation experts emphasize the importance of Breathing in Meditation naturally. If your breathing is shallow, let it be; if it’s deep, allow it to be deep. You can also start your meditation by taking deep breaths that will enable you to relax throughout the process.

Way of Breathing in Meditation: The Preparation Process

Before you start your meditation session, it’s best to find a spot away from distractions. Inform your family and friends that you need some time alone for meditation. It’s also essential to find a natural position such as sitting on a chair, cushion, or bench. Your back should always be straight to allow natural breathing.

Meditating Girl
Breathing in Meditaion

Getting in the right mindset to meditate is simple. If you’re a beginner experiencing difficulty with Breathing in Meditation, we advise you to consult an expert. They will recommend the right tools and training when it comes down to meditation. They will suggest the right tools, which support focus while promoting calmness and relaxation.

Additionally, in this age of information, there are numerous resources from the internet that can guide beginner’s meditation sessions until they can do it on their own. They can get materials from YouTube channels and articles from various expert blogs.

Breathing Should Be Natural.

You may choose to keep your eyes open or closed; go with your preference.

It might be easier to concentrate with your eyes closed, but keeping them open is a better strategy in the long run. Keeping your eyes open during meditation means half-open because your gaze will be directed towards a certain point in front of you. Settle your gaze on an imaginary spot, this works better because meditation is about accepting everything as it is – your sight and sound included.

The downside of keeping your eyes closed is that it can create an artificial state, like a dream, while you should be concentrating on the present. Experts recommend that beginners close their eyes at first to find focus and reduce distractions, then open them to boost the understanding of the mind.

Once you settled, you can use an initial deep breathing technique to relax. Take a deep breath through your nose for three seconds and hold it for two. Then, exhale for four seconds through your mouth. Repeat this a couple of times until you feel relaxed then transition to more natural breathing.

Breathe through your nose, unless your nasal passage is blocked, but keep your mouth closed or slightly open. During the entire meditation session, allow your body, breath, and mind to remain as they are.

Concentrate on the Present

Mindfulness means paying close attention to what is happening at the moment. It’s discovering the beauty of the present moment rather than worrying about the future or the past.

Stones and bamboo
Stones and bamboo

Thoughts about the future and the past often lead to the culmination of stress, anxiety, and depression. They can also lead to distracting thoughts about everyday activities, so you often find yourself fantasizing about what will happen later today or tomorrow. Concentrating on the present through meditation helps develop a sense of contentment and lasting happiness.

Breathing in Meditation requires paying attention to your inhalation and exhalation. At that moment, notice the sensations as air flows through your body and as your belly moves up and down. If your mind gets distracted from breathing, bring it back gently and firmly. Practicing mindful breathing, for even 15 minutes each day, can improve the quality of your life.


Meditation is an art that can be learned with time. It’s beneficial in reducing stress levels and improving the quality of life. Give it a go and see how all areas of your life will gradually improve.

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How to Read Books More: The 10 Best Enthralling Reasons.

This is quite a big question for some people, How to read more books or how to be addicted to it. There is next to nothing more enjoyable than reading a good book. I simply love that feeling of plunging through space and time and different dimensions. I love it when the novel creates that magical feeling of traveling around the world where I am being put into the bodies and minds of astonishing and fascinating heroes, endless destinies and stories are unraveled opening up new meanings and reflections on my own life and the way I perceive the world.

open books
How to Read More Books

I read books because I love reading. It enriches me, it teaches me, it makes me stronger and more open-minded with each book I read. A book is a powerful teacher that shifts our imagination and expands the horizons of our mind.

I’m far from being the fastest and the most ferocious reader in the world, but I do it daily. And I genuinely enjoy reading.

I know that many people wish to know “how to read books more”, but don’t know quite where to begin, how to start doing so.

How to Read Books More: The 10 Best Enthralling Reasons

1. Expanding the Viewpoint

The more books from different genres you read the more you expand your viewpoint horizons. It simply opens your heart to new ideas, people, cultures, different views on history, and unites you with the rest of the world at the same time. The more perspectives you get, the better you are at understanding people, the world, and, life.

Glass ball
glass ball

2. Endless Inspiration & Knowledge

It’s true when we say that every time we meet someone, they always know something we don’t and vice versa. The same goes for reading books. When we take a new book to the reading list, it has some story, some teachings, some insight, some boost of knowledge and some inspiration in store for us. Every single book you read fills your mind with information and, even though you never know when it might come in handy – the more knowledge you have, the better you are equipped to tackle new challenges that life throws your way. Our mind is like a sponge that absorbs the information and comes up with solutions, tools, and skills in life when you need them most.

Inspiration & Knowledge Quote
Inspiration & Knowledge Quote

3. Biographies & Dreaming Big

It is always an inspirational infusion when you read biographies of people that inspire you. An incredible journey of their lives teaches us how to push harder, how to identify what we want, and how to go for it. Whenever I read someone’s biography it compels me to THINK BIG and DARE TO DREAM – something that some teachers fail to teach at the school.

Martin Luther King

Think about people that inspire you. Who’s story of life would you would love to know more about?

4. Creativity Boost

Our mind is like any muscle in our body: in order to be healthy and strong, it needs its daily boost of knowledge through reading. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that the more people engage their mind with reading the less their chances are to become a victim of Dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases.

New ideas that we come across when we read, It tends to stretch our creativity enormously. The more we read, the more exercise our brain gets.

Reading books expand your creativity. Creativity gives you the ability to solve problems effectively and in no time. Creativity provides you the power to write interesting books, Generate breakthroughs in science that subsequently aids us all. It helps humanity.

Creativity quotes
Creativity quotes

Reading expands the imagination. It makes you see what you’ve read. And there is no movie better than a good book and your own imagination.

5. Better relationships

From a good conversation to a deeper, more meaningful conversation. Every book you read improves your relationships with people. It gives you a better understanding of psychology and human nature. It helps you understand yourself when you find your reflection in the book that you are reading.

A hugging couple

6. Good vs. Bad ideas

Books help me a lot in distinguishing good and bad ideas by simply reflecting and learning about what has worked for someone in the past and what doesn’t currently work right now. Especially when you’ve chosen a field that you strive to become an expert at. Reading develops your analytical thinking. It increases your focus and concentration. As more we read, as more, we become able to think and, therefore, use our brain. And the more solutions, valuable skills, intelligence we collect in the library of our knowledge.

7. Dramatic Vocabulary Expansion

The more we read books the broader exposure to a wide range of writing styles and words we receive. When you read and come across new words, they find their place in your daily vocabulary and expand it dramatically. Imagine that you have a toolbox that gains more tools with every book you read. Your toolbox simply has more tools that help you to express your ideas, beliefs, and contemplations in a better way.

Reading books is an absolute must for those who learn new languages because if you are not a native speaker, you get a wider exposure to words and you understand their context. When we come across new words in different contexts, it deepens our understanding of where and how to use them. It helps us with writing and speaking more fluently.

The idea is simple. The more you expand your vocabulary by reading more, the more self-confidence you gain knowing that you are articulate and well-spoken. It gives you a great boost in any profession you are into.

8. Writing Skills Boost

Improvement of writing skills expanding upon vocabulary. Broad exposure to the world of books (different genres and writing styles) and a boost in your own imagination and creativity subsequently increase your chances to write a brilliant piece of work. Why? Because when we read our subconscious tends to absorb everything and expands our personal grammar and understanding of the language.

Pen and Paper
Pen and Paper

Just like musicians influenced one another writing new masterpieces and world-famous painters used the techniques of previous generations of great painters creating something new… great authors create new masterworks with their readings and inspiration from other great authors.

9. Memory Enhancement

Wouldn’t it be nice to expand your memory capacity? What more can help in pushing your memory muscle and make it stronger? Reading books, of course. Every time you read, it needs you to remember a lot of details, characters, ambitions, motivations, and backgrounds. And this is what amazes me the most about our minds. It can pick up and remember even the smallest details of the story. The more you read, the more you train your mind to remember… the more expanded your memory gets.

10. Stress Relief and Tranquility

It doesn’t matter how much stress you experience during business hours, or when you are at school or university, or when something is going on with your relationships… All issues changed into irrelevant and dissolve when you give yourself some rest and disappeared in a good storyline. A book brings you to travel to a different reality and dimension while draining all the tension in the present. It gives you relief, peace, and tranquility.

A happy woman


In the next posts, we will expand the subject of reading, comprehensive techniques, speed reading, and talk about why we shouldn’t judge a book by its movie.

I hope this article motivated you to pick up a book and start reading. What are you currently reading?

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How to be Happy in Life and Stop Desiring More.

In today’s world that we are desired to improve the latest devices. Get the newest car, get a beautiful house, and strive for the job promotion with the big raise. It’s hard to be content with what you have. If we don’t live our lives currently content with what we have. However, we will spend our days in a sea of dissatisfaction with our current material possessions, professional career, and overall living status. Desire is the main cause of unhappiness. To help find a balance, here are a few tips on How to be happy with what you already have.

A Happy Girl
How to be Happy in Life

How to Be Happy in Life and Stop Desiring More.

1. Save Free time every day

Saving time every day for meditation, mindfulness, and reflection, or just resting from the business of the day. And the regular sensory overload is essential in satisfying with your life.

It allows you to evaluate everything you’ve absorbed throughout the day to move forward on what really matters in order to obtain overall wellbeing.

Your free time doesn’t need to be a specific practice.

It could be anything from reading a book, exercising, listening to music, or meditation.

Lady doing meditation
Lady doing meditation

No matter what is it, be sure to practice self-reflection and take the time to truly relax.

2. Creating a List of Grateful Things that You Have

This practice has probably been drilled into everyone’s head for a while now, but it has stood the test of time because of its success.

Creating a list of everything you’re grateful for each day really puts your life in perspective and allows you to have a positive outlook on your goals and ambitions, no matter how far off they may be.

Creating a List
Creating a List

Maybe your dishwasher just broke down. Rather than focusing on the inconvenience of a broken appliance, you could document in your gratuity journal that your warranty replaced it with a brand new model, which saves you money in that kitchen remodel you’ve been planning.

Or perhaps you have yet to get the promotion you’ve been waiting for. Document the fact that you are financially stable and happy with your current job and the right promotion will happen at the right time.

3. Focus on Your Goal always

Ambition plays a huge role in our lives. Being able to look forward to the next step of progression in our personal and professional careers helps give our lives purpose. But take that with a pinch of salt.

Create a separate list of your immediate goals as well as your long-term goals to help celebrate your daily, weekly, or monthly accomplishments that are leading to your larger goals.

Dart and Board
Focus on Your Goal

Now matters more than any other time in your life because it’s what you are doing today that is determining who you’re becoming, and who you are becoming will always determine the quality and direction of your life.

Staying with the momentum is important to managing motivation and focus while also being happy and content with your current status.

4. Celebrate little Happiness

Sometimes when we focus on the big picture too much for too long, we tend to dismiss the little wins in our lives, especially those that are unrelated to your long-term goals.

Maybe the past week was deemed unsuccessful because no task was accomplished towards a larger goal, but you also were able to meet all your important meetings, get the entire house cleaned, made great food for your family, and even enjoyed a weekend outing.

A Happy couple having cup of coffee
A Happy couple having cup of coffee

5. Give your little wins the deserving time to shine.

Don’t put the load of the world on your shoulders.
At the end of the day, if you are happy, healthy, and financially stable. You don’t need to do anything else in your life. Simply being, and enjoying your time on this Earth is more than enough.

Positive thinking symbol.


Some take great satisfaction on moving forward and reaching new goals, others are happy to take that time spent reaching a variety of goals to instead enjoy existing, spending time with family, traveling, and just doing what they love.

If you feel like that meets your ideal criteria, then don’t feel pressured to create goals that don’t give you joy.

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