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Problematic Social Media Addiction!

We all try our level best not to get distracted by social media sites but every time we fail in doing so. Am I right guys? I know. I was one of them too. You see these social media sites are compiled in such a manner that it creates a repetitive effect on our brain which makes us addicted to scrolling those websites again and again. I wouldn’t mind saying that they have become more addictive than any form of drugs.

Most of us check or interact on social media constantly throughout the day. And frankly speaking, we often are clueless that what are we exactly going to do after being active?

If you also found yourself bingeing these excessively, you are one of the social media addictive. And your addiction is at the peak. There is a well-grounded reason behind the same. Most of the Social media companies and social content creators, work very hard each day to make their content highly arousing and engrossing that we often fail to resist.

Social Media usage:

Another reason is, Most of the people see friendships as quantity instead of quality. Every social media platform puts the numbers tally of friends or followers on the front and center, like a bold-faced, That is regarded as a social worth. Social worth is nothing but the number of friends or followers you carry the more your worth will be.

You might have thousands of twitter followers, Instagram followers, or Facebook friends. A mere 50 loved signs on the photo that you posted to Instagram two hours ago. This can give you an ecstatic feeling.

I also do have a friend who is much more social media addictive. Who literally waits for the rise in the number of his Instagram likes and comments. He deletes the post which fails to get more likes or comments as if there is nothing more important in this world than those mere 50–60 likes on the highly filtered and beautified photo. anyway

Understand that you have been hostage:

An embarrassingly highly addictive social-media usage is not entirely your fault. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, these sites have been designed to make you repeatedly use them and they kill your resistance power from them.

When you remember this in your mind that technology is always designed to make you addicted, You will be motivated about these things. Always set the time limit so that we can balance ourselves between social and real life.

The notification numbers:

One strategy every social network sites use that is notification numbers. Always showing notification about any stir like who has followed or mentioned you or liked your post.

Notification numbers appear on the top of the sites or apps to drag you in, then on the top menu or the bottom menu or both places to draw you in further.

They use a psychological trick against you that clickbait headlines do. — There might be information you want to know, But you don’t get enough information to satisfy.

How to get rid of the habit?

Social media addiction can damage careers, relationships, health, and even degrade life.
Most of the people, Gets manipulated by social media sites to waste enough time in a way that benefits them, not to the people.

The best solutions I am aware, is to make a habit of reading books and try to make some distance from your devices too and spend that quality time with your family or friends. Keep working on your self to be more productive. And visit social media sites once a day. Schedule it. And maintain track of how much time you spend every day now.


Follow these habits. If you succeed, You are on your way to kicking the addiction without going to any social media rehab center.

And if you find difficulty in resisting yourself from social media usage. It sounds like you are highly addicted.

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Know Your Arch-Enemy as a Woman!

Besides depression, loneliness, unsuccess, relationship issues, or diseases. Being a woman we get some additional arch-enemy. When a woman born she has three strikes against her.

1. You are a girl

Being a lady still is a curse in so many countries. Especially in undeveloped countries. In India, the sex ratio tells the truth in itself. also, gender inequality exists everywhere. Even in the workplace too. If you are a female. There are more chances for sexual harassment. Otherwise, you face pressure in whatever we do that could even lead us to leave the job. This is seen in both private and public sector jobs. Today Women have reached the sky. But still, the orthodox mindset of our society doesn’t consider women in competition with the men. All the privileges are still men oriented. I mean both should be treated equally.

2. You are young.

Women are always told to stay safe and stay careful. Also, we are not allowed to step out of the home in the night, “Don’t wear jeans and a top” This is something women are always made to hear. the conservative theory exists today too. Crime figures of women can shiver anyone. I don’t want to drag any data here.

If a girl is an adult( crossed 18+ age) becomes her parents’ biggest problem. Crimes such as Dowry rape and molestation are common.

3. You are a dark complexion.

The blackness of a girl in India is also considered a curse. This is prejudice or discrimination in which people treat different skin shaded people differently.

Everyone chooses a fair girl for their son’s wedding, even if their son is dark complexed.

We people have conservative thinking that people who are fair complexion are more beautiful, or should be given more preference.

A dark-colored girl is often teased and is always asked to use a skin whitening cream. But less that they know that these creams have a lesser or negligible effect on skin tone.

 People are born great individuals who are taught hatred.


People today are understanding that a girl is equally capable of doing what a boy can do.

I would say, women associated with feminism should move forward to make them skilled and get themselves ready to compete in the workplace instead of gender discrimination.

And women should not be portrayed as Victims. We are more strong than we think. Women are graceful in every form and in every color. Always remember that we are unique and beautiful.

There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.- Madeleine Albright

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7 Tips to Create a Positive Mindset Permanently.

I believe that having a positive mindset is one of the biggest values in life. Living in Positivity, kindness, compassion, happiness is what we are here for.

It is a thing that has to be mastered as we live in a world full of cruelty and negativity. Bad things happen all the time, but we have to have that faith and trust in life so we can live in peace and abundance.

I can tell you that it is easy. You only have to decide to change your mindset in a more positive way and you are already halfway there.

Positivity and fulfillment can be found by creating a positive mindset, which will upgrade your life and make being happy and at peace way easier.

Learn how to change your life forever by these 7 positive mindset hacks I have compiled to help you live your best life.

Positive Mindset Tips to Change Your Life for The Better

1. Live More, Don’t Just Exist

A long time ago I was in a place in life where I only existed. I didn’t do what I love, I was a huge example of a person who follows what society thinks is right. It is such a prison, I can say.

We all have to live more to experience this life. Think less (of course, be responsible), do what your gut is telling you. It is our biggest superpower in life — what we have to do to use this superpower for us not against us — is to listen. Listen to yourself, to your body. Be in the now, and enjoy the now.

There is no need to live in the past or future, all we have is the present moment. Live it!

2. Speak Positive Language to Yourself

Instead of :

  • I am not worthy
  • Life sucks
  • Everything is so hard
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • What’s the point in life?

be more like :

  • Life is so easy
  • I am loved, brave, and I can do everything in life
  • Money comes to me quickly and easily
  • It is so beautiful to be alive
  • I have a purpose

Do you see it? I personally love to read the second list. The first one is way too tough and pointless. Speaking positively to yourself is like appreciating yourself in this life and attracting the best.

Remember — you get what you give. You get what you say. So say only the things you want, things you desire. Love yourself enough to be kind and to deserve the best.

3. Look for The Good in Every Situation

Everything happens for a reason. I wasn’t a believer until I started my self-development journey. Every situation in life comes as a lesson. It can be good or bad, but they teach you something.

So I encourage you to see situations as good lessons for your self-development. It takes time and practice, because, yes, situations can be so hard, but they are there for you to grow.

Take out the best from every circumstance you are in, see the positive and as great and positive lessons for your life journey.

4. You Recieve What You Offer

You get what you give. As simple as that. It is the law of this life, you will only fool yourself if you try to outflank this law. If you give more positivity, you get more positive things in life, if you give more cruelty and madness, you get the same kind of circumstances and situations in life. It is such a boomerang effect.

I cannot admire enough of our possibilities and power. We just have to use them carefully. You attract what you give out. If you want love in your life, give more love to yourself and others.

or want to be surrounded by kindness, be kinder. If want to be happier, think happier thoughts. Your state of mind creates your reality. So if you are in a happier state of mind, your reality would reflect that.

5. Appreciate Always What You Have

Look around you.

Are your basic survival needs met?

Do you have enough food, clothes, and a safe place to sleep?

Are you having air to breathe?

Have you a functioning body?

Now Can you see the sufficiency all around you?

There are so many people in life that doesn’t have basic survival needs, they have body disabilities, but they may have a positive mindset. Your biggest gift is that you can master a positive mindset too.

You have everything you need to be happy and fulfilled in life. Instead of focusing on how much more of it you need, shift your focus to appreciate the little bit of it that you have.

Give all your love, attention, and appreciation for every single thing and experience in life. This mindset alone will cause a shift in your life to making you feel more abundant, and then — start having more abundance.

6. To Compare Yourself to Others, Is Just a Waste of Time.

What’s the point of constantly making yourself feel bad about who you are and what you do? It is such a self-harm activity in our generation.

You are stronger and better when you stop comparing yourself and start enjoying your self-being. A unique personality with talents and skills that no one else has.

As an individual, you see life in a different and beautiful perspective. Why fit in when you were born to brighten up?

Appreciate yourself. You came here on Earth to be different and not to copy others. Your taste of life may inspire others, but if you want to shine and sprinkle your own existence over others, then just be yourself in your own unique way.

Be a lot more you, and a less more them.

7. Your Thought Shape Your Reality

These are the keywords I now stand for. Conscious awareness + intention + inspired action — DESIRES FULFILLED. Manifesting what you want is simple math.

Every single thing starts in your mind, no matter the conscious or subconscious. Your responsibility is to set an intention of what you want (and not what you do not want), open your mind by meditating and unlearning, and then act on what your gut is telling you.

Your reality reflects your inner home. So make sure your inner and outer homes are great places to be.

By practicing these simple positive mindset hacks, I have come to the place in life where I feel so happy, grateful and everything in life happens for me, not to me. I manifest easily, I am kind to others, life is so easy.


These mindset changes will lead you to your dream life. The key is to practice, practice, practice. Okay, you fail. So what? Keep continuing and do not quit. Changing bad habits and mindsets take time and commitment. But you have to sacrifice that bad life spiral to live differently, more positive, more fulfilled.

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The Most Important habits of People Who do not age.

Aging is an inevitable process. But People who do not age, adopt some habits that make them young. Every living being on earth has to be aged and cannot be avoided. However, often we see people who look amazing and have the energy of youngsters. While getting older is inescapable, aging mentally can be dealt with in a rewarding way.

We’ve seen several celebrities who look their best selves even though they have aged. From Shahrukh Khan to Tom Cruise, we’ve witnessed so many personalities who’ve given us the motivation and hope to look and feel young as we get older. Apart from diet and exercise, these people follow a vigorous lifestyle daily to maintain a healthy self and today we are here to show you that you can do it too. Here are some best tips that will help you age well and combat the undesirable effects of growing old.

The most Important habits of people who do not age

A Balanced Diet and Exercise.

Dumbbell Over head press

You have heard this so many times. Rightly so, because diet and exercise are integral to health. What you eat as food is what nourishes your body. Hence, it is essential to follow a balanced diet which includes carbs, proteins, fats, fibers, water, vitamins, and minerals. Exercise is also important to maintain a healthy body and mind. Incorporating an exercise routine that suits your body, be it cardio, yoga or weights is important for physical and mental health. It is recommended that a person should exercise at least thrice a week for a hale and stress-free life. Apart from this, it also helps you to achieve that great body that you’ve been dreaming about.

Caring of Your Skin

A beautiful woman

Living in a time where pollution and stress are being part of everyone’s life. It is recommended to take extra care of your skin. A daily skincare routine is essential to keep your skin, soft, and glowing. An ideal skincare regime includes cleansing, applying toner, and moisturizing. People also use face packs once or twice a week to rejuvenate their skin. However, the most basic aspect of skincare is daily showers to maintain clean and healthy skin and keeping levels of stress in check.



You have also heard that eight to nine hours of sleep is needed for your body to restore its state of function. Many a time, we take this for granted and do not get the amount of sleep necessary for our body. Lack of sleep leads to a higher risk of obesity and diabetes. It also leads to increased stress levels and adversely affects brain function. The term “beauty sleep” was named for a reason. Science says that during sleep, our body produces a growth hormone that restores the collagen and elastin in the skin. These are essential elements of young and healthy skin.



This powerful practice has numerous health benefits, one of which is that it slows down aging. Meditation protects the brain from aging and brings about significant change in regions associated with stress, memory, and empathy. A study showed that people who practiced regular meditation had a younger prefrontal cortex than others their age by close to 25 years.

Social Relationships

Social Relationship

You could be an introvert who likes to keep to yourself or a shy person who does not like crowds, but there is no denying that relationships are important. As humans, we are all social beings and it is crucial for our well being that we have a support system in place. A study proved that there is a direct relationship between your mental and physical wellbeing and your social relationships. Human beings are not meant for isolation. It harms mental health and reduces life expectancy. Therefore, building a relationship around your family and friends is important to stay young and hearty.

Be a Positive Person

Positive thinking symbol.

This is one of the hardest things to follow by far. When there is so much negativity around us, it becomes easy to draw from that energy and bask in it. However, a study showed that people who maintained a positive outlook on life were happier, healthier, and lived longer. They had the mental capacity to calmly accept what the future has in store for them rather than getting stressed about it. This mental state allowed them to be independent, enjoy social ties, maintain physical health, and work full time. Like people say, everything is about perspective and if we can train ourselves to look at shortcomings from a positive perspective of learning, we can seek growth and renewal in every opportunity.

Exposure of Sun

women and sun
women and sun

The rays of the sun are the best source of vitamin D which is believed to increase skin, bone, and mental health. It keeps you energetic and young. The recommended time to soak in the sun is between 8 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 7 pm. While vitamin D is essential for us, during noon the sun’s rays can be extremely harmful and harsh. Therefore, using a good sunscreen, wearing hats, and carrying umbrellas will help protect you from the negative side of the sun rays.


These simple yet effective ways to help people who don’t want to age feel young and look gorgeous even as we age. What is your secret to aging gracefully? Comment below and let us know what you think about our list.

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What Emotional Intelligence is? & 10 Ways to Build Emotional Intelligence Skills?

How to Deal with Your Emotions?

Emotional intelligence is a quality by which a person can manage his emotions and express them efficiently. Mental strength is also important! Being emotional doesn’t have to mean crying. It tends to think of being emotional as a sign of weakness, but if you think about it. A big dude with muscles throwing an outburst because he didn’t like how someone looked at him is clearly the (emotionally) weak one here. Just don’t tell him I said that!

woman wearing a black dress
Now let me explain “what emotional intelligence is and how to build emotional intelligence skills”?

Physical strength is one thing, but how emotionally strong you are? I wasn’t sure how to answer that! Understanding and managing our emotions effectively isn’t always easy, but after reading this I’ll have you on your way to become an emotional powerhouse! Think of this as a workout for your mind! It might not be able to give you the abs you want, but I believe it’ll help you get the life you want!

Imagine being able to understand what people are really feeling and not just what they’re saying. Or, influencing people’s decisions because of how well you communicate? Nope, this is not magic, it’s science.

I’m also an Emotional, But I Don’t Show It!

I’m an emotional person and society has sometimes made me feel like it’s one of my weaknesses, when in reality it is actually a strength… if you can learn to be smart about your emotions! When I say I’m emotional, I don’t mean I cry a lot. I rarely cry. I also don’t mean I rage either. What I mean is that I feel deeply. Getting more knowledge about emotional intelligence has helped me a lot not only understand how to control my emotions wisely, but also that emotional intelligence is an amazing practice we all should learn! After learning about it and build emotional strength skills, I have realized that I am much emotionally strong, to begin with. I have been raised to control my emotions effectively from a young age, which keeps me as an adult.

Knowing your EQ may be more important than your IQ. Emotionally intelligent people are more confident, focused, and more likely to succeed source. They also understand others really well!

A Emotional person

I’m sure you’ve heard of Emotional Intelligence, but if not – it involves understanding and managing your emotions well, intelligently! Through recognizing your emotions, you can better control your life and understand those around you! It’s becoming more popular as we discover the benefits and importance of EI and not just the old standard IQ! How we handle certain situations and circumstances, how we deal with our feelings and express our emotions has a major impact on our relationships, jobs, and lives. Our feelings are literally everything we are! For some people, it seems to come naturally. Maybe they grew up with emotionally intelligent parents and were taught from a young age the tools to manage how they think and feel. Or maybe it’s partially in your genes. Either way, there are many tools you can use to help manage your emotions, better!

What Emotional Intelligence is?

So, what emotional intelligence is? I consider it like a missing piece of your puzzle. It’s like that cartoon of the girl saying, Oh, I knew I forgot something. A career! we become aware that everyone forgot to tell us how to be smart about our emotions. At least in words, we could understand!

But are you or are you not smart about your emotions? I didn’t really understand how to assess how I deal with my emotions, so I decided to do some research!

As kids, we often throw outburst and are taught how to better handle our emotions. This sets up us for emotional intelligence. But each of us handles our own emotions, our own way, and how we do this has a great impact on our lives. Most of the children were not taught how to handle their emotions and still throw outburst as adults when they’re upset or overwhelmed! People who can’t control their emotions or have a hard time expressing their feelings don’t likely have a higher EQ. But, there are ways to strengthen your emotional intelligence.

How To Assess Your Emotional Strength?

One standard for judging your emotional intelligence skills would certainly be how well things are going for you at work and at home because our EQ is more important to our happiness, health, and success than IQ.

If things aren’t going well, you can probably improve your life drastically by improving your emotional intelligence! The great thing about it is, you learn the tools, and then the applications are all around you. No matter which kind of situation you’re in, or in which kind of circumstance, improving your Emotional Intelligence skills will help. You’ll become more aware of what’s going on around you the things you couldn’t quite grasp before. You’ll also become a lot more knowledgeable about what’s going on with other people, and isn’t that always the most difficult thing to figure out?

Recognizing Others’ Emotions

Approx 90 % of any person’s emotional expression takes place without speaking! Reading a person’s nonverbal behavior can help you understand a person’s motives much more accurately than just listening to what their mouths are saying. The body talks too, and often louder than words!

Read the facial expression on a person, how he sits, how he walks, his tone of voice, the moments of silence, the look in his eyes! These are all clues as to how someone is feeling emotionally.

Why Is This Important?

They might be telling you, How they Think, but How they feel is what’s going to influence their next move. Whether they’re going to buy a product, hire you for a job, or ask you to marry them. These are all influenced by feelings. Understanding how this works can really help you understand your own feelings so much better!

Be Intelligent About Your Emotions At Work

Improving your emotional intelligence can improve your overall workplace performance! Some of the most successful people around you are probably very emotionally smart! You can be too!

Emotions at work

In most offices, you need to motivate others, which involves good communication skills. Being able to read peoples’ nonverbal communication is key! Motivation comes from feelings, not thinking! If you can connect with what’s important to the person you’re dealing with, or connect everyone to an Idea or Mission then you can motivate them in your direction. A person may say they want to buy your product or that they love your service or ideas, but actually they hate it. Isn’t it better to be able to read their nonverbal communication?!

Emotions At Home

Work is important, but home is where we live. If your relationships aren’t very good, nothing at work will matter. It’ll also be harder to focus and concentrate on your job. Why? Because we don’t just leave part of us at home when we head to work for the day. We are our emotions. They’re a BIG part of us, and they go everywhere we go!

Silent argue in couple

Couples who communicate better, have better marriages. Couples who don’t know how to express their emotions intelligently, end up fighting all the time.

As parents, one of the best lessons you can teach your children is the knowledge of emotional intelligence and good modeling of emotionally intelligent behavior is a great way to start.

10 Ways to Build Emotional Intelligence Skills

Actions To Take To Improve Your Emotional Strength Skills:

1. Think About Your Feelings.

Emotional intelligence starts and ends with self and social awareness. Recognizing how you feel and how others feel will help you understand yourself and those around you so much better. What are your emotional strengths and weaknesses? How am I currently feeling? What’s really going on underneath it all?

You can’t learn emotional intelligence by just reading about it. You need to work on it through your thoughts and actions. It’s a process. It’s difficult to change something you can’t see clearly and we don’t see ourselves as others see us!

Figuring out how to better read others has really helped me understand how I come across and how others see me too! So, I can improve how I am portrayed! Sometimes, because of anxiety, stress, or whatever, I get across as rude or mean! Practicing emotional intelligence has helped me fix that!

2. Think Before You Speak And Act.

Such a simple thing, that every person can benefit from. Ever say something out of anger, that you quickly regretted? Or do something without thinking first and ended up completely embarrassed? Me too! Taking the time to think about what you say or do can save you from doing something you’ll regret. It does take some strength, but just like working your glutes at the gym, it gets easier over time!

3. Give Praise.

We all want to be acknowledged for our efforts. When you recognize other people’s achievements, you’ll instantly feel better yourself. It also builds trust!

4. Be Honest.

Being honest about how you’re feeling instead of bottling it up to help others understand you better. You’ll also feel a lot better! It’s not always easy to be honest, especially if it’ll hurt someone’s feelings. I used to agree to things I didn’t necessarily want to do because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But, since I started speaking up and just being honest about how I feel, I’ve become way more confident, and emotionally stronger! I am not saying to be brutally honest! There is a difference, and if you’re emotionally strong you’ll understand it!

5. Let Go Of Grudges.

Forgiving and forgetting is a great way to build your emotional strength! When you hold on to anger toward someone, it’s really only hurting you! Don’t let others control your emotions! By letting go, you’re taking full control of your own emotions!

6. Learn To Say Sorry.

Saying you’re sorry when you’re in the wrong (or sometimes even when you’re not) takes strength. It shows humility, which automatically makes others feel differently about you. If you value a relationship, saying sorry doesn’t mean you’re totally wrong. That means you do care about keeping that relationship strong and moving on!

7. Be Yourself.

This goes hand in hand with being honest. Don’t be afraid to feel what you are feeling and speak it out loud. Pretending to be someone or something else is so exhausting, mentally! Stick by your values and principles and understand that not everyone will agree with it.

8. Accept Criticism.

This is a tough one. No one wants to hear that they’re doing something wrong or that they’re bad at something. It’s always going to be tough to hear, but try and keep your emotions in check and use the criticism to either improve or move on and find something you are great at. You can’t be great at everything!

9. Live In The Moment.

This is so beneficial. I’m usually go-go-go and have a million things on my mind, making it hard to enjoy and live in the moment. I let my thoughts distract me sometimes. Lately, I’ve been trying to make a note to live more at the moment and just enjoy what I’m doing at the time. Writing a to-do list can help you stay organized, and having it all down on paper can help keep it out of your every thought!

10. Learn To Control Yourself.

You can’t always control how you feel, but you can control how to choose to react. An emotionally strong person doesn’t blow up when they’re angry. They think rationally and take a moment to think things over before they react.

Emoticon balls


Just like working out in the gym, it takes time to see natural results when building your emotional strength! It’s easy in the beginning to fall back into old emotional habits, but with time and practice, it is totally possible to improve your emotional strength!

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How to Cool Yourself in the Middle of Emotional Rage.

Have you ever experienced standing amid an Emotional rage, an emotional storm? How did you find to cool down your mind and stepped outside of that emotional storm?

How to Cool Yourself in the Middle of an Emotional rage?

Remember the last time you’ve found yourself in the middle of an emotional storm? What did you do to get out?

How can we have better reactions to the events in our life that we can’t control? How do we stop being emotionally allergic to everything?

We are human beings, and we are emotional creatures.
We feel deeply. And that is a great thing indeed up until the moment when we let those feelings break free from our control. Emotions are powerful, that is precisely why learning how to control and calm the emotional storms is equally powerful.

Let’s say, someone canceled on a meeting with you right at the last moment, or you got stood up for a date. Do you fall into frustration? Do you feel angry? Perhaps, you feel slightly amused or not at all: indifferent to what just happened.

How well are you able to step outside of the emotional storm and let it go? Or do you choose to hold onto grudges?
You see, the way we choose to respond to emotional challenges directly impacts everything we do, and we let our feelings break free from our control is quicksand way to lose what we’ve worked hard to achieve.
Life is impossible to imagine without overcoming challenges and jumping over the roadblocks here and there.

When those obstacles come up, we could there’s a temptation to react emotionally, throwing hands in the air, giving up.
Next time when you find yourself in the middle of an emotional storm, take a moment and take a deep breath in. By doing so, you are creating a pause to stop and reflect, rather than react.

A quotes image

What are you reacting to? Question to yourself about every moment of your life when your peace is disturbed.

Take a Deep Breath

When you are in the middle of emotional rage, stressing out, you’ll often start breathing faster as your body prepares itself for fight-or-flight, or you’ll hold your breath.

It’s something of a mantra that controlling your breath will wash you over with a sense of calm when you need it the most.

Science proves breathwork, an effective strategy for managing daily stress and anxiety, triggering neurons in the brain that tell the body it’s time to relax.

Meaning, when you are focusing on your breathing, you are physically forcing your entire body to calm down, which will give you more breathing space in your head too. Best of all, it doesn’t take long, and you can do it anywhere you go.

Try this breathing exercise:
  • place one hand on your chest and one hand on your abdomen
  • breath slowly through your nose with your mouth shut
  • as you inhale push your belly out against your hand –– feel your tummy and your hand rise
  • hold for two seconds
  • exhale slowly through your nose –– feel your stomach deflate and your hand fall
  • smile as you exhale (because smiling makes you feel happier); picture someone you love or a happy place that makes you feel good –– imagine anything that will inspire a smile.

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6 Best tips for calmness, Health, and Mindfulness.

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What are the Signs of Emotional Abuse in a relationship?

Emotional abuse is said to be more harmful than physical abuse because it cuts to the very core of a person’s self-esteem. It can cripple the victim in far more ways than physical abuse. Physical wounds heal. But emotional wounds cut deep.

What are the Signs of Emotional Abuse in a relationship?

Emotional abuse cuts to the core of a person because the behaviors are more subtle. Being told you’re ugly, that no one else could possibly love you, that you’re a deadbeat parent, and that you can’t do anything right is more about sabotaging the victim’s spirit and inner self.

What are the Signs of Emotional Abuse in a relationship?

You show off a new dress to your spouse. You picked it out because red is your favorite color. He says, “It flatters on you, but you always looked good in blue.

Do you consider it as an abusive comment? Not if it’s said in a loving gesture!

But if your spouse said something like, “Well, why do you pick THAT dress? I guess you do. if you like that sort of thing.”

Do you consider it as an abusive comment? Absolutely YES.

What’s the difference between these two statements? The differences are three-fold, tone of voice, words actually spoken, and body language. The second statement also carries a degrading undertone.

We all exhibit these behaviors on some level at points in our lives. But what makes the relationship abusive is the habitual nature of the behaviors. It happens on a continual basis and forms a pattern.

The abuser is seen as more dominant in the relationship. This person will control you through behaviors, actions, and words to erode your self-esteem, confidence, self-worth, trust (in yourself and in others), and your emotional stability.

Even non-verbal behaviors like heavy sighs, eye-rolling, disgusted glances, giving the cold shoulder, slamming doors, banging cups around, and punching holes in the walls can be considered abusive.

Abusive Behaviors

Below is a list of things that are experienced and felt like a victim of emotional abuse and domestic violence.

  • Living in fear of partner.
  • You feel so alone.
  • Feel like your opinions never matter.
  • Walking on eggshells, being extra careful about what should be said or did.
  • Feel humiliated and degraded during the many times.
  • Feel such shame when your mistakes are pointed out.
  • You feel so unwanted and unlovable.
  • Never feel appreciated for your hard work.
  • Feel criticism for the smallest things.
  • You are blamed for things that went wrong.
  • Feel like a slave.
  • You are accused of things, like cheating.
  • Never feel validated. Your feelings are always dismissed.


Emotional abuse most often is easiest to detect when witnessed. You might not be aware that you have seen it happening. It can include intimidation, humiliation, ridicule, threats, controlling behavior, and isolation. It also can involve ignoring the person and not giving them attention on purpose, such as for punishment.
Being able to recognize abusive behaviors is the first step towards ending the relationship, and beginning your healing and recovery. If you recognize these signs, I urge you to reach out. There is help out there.

Have you been in an emotionally abusive relationship? Comment below. And as always, We appreciate you sharing your stories with us.

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How to be Happy in Life and Stop Desiring More?

Life lessons from this Lockdown.

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How to Break free From Stuck with something?

If you feel trapped in a relationship, a job, a situation, or a habit, know this: you can break free and you can start right now. This article will show you how.

A happy girl
A happy girl

We often feel stuck because we believe that something has power over us, something is keeping us down. For 20 years, I was heavily addicted to sugary foods. I felt controlled by sugar and I hated it! And I couldn’t break free because I felt it was too difficult or was constantly waiting for a better environment in which to make the change.

As I became increasingly frustrated and eager to free myself from this filthy habit, I began to look more carefully at those who are able to free themselves from what was holding them back. I noticed a pattern: they made a decision to create change, they took action and persisted until they succeeded.

I realized that by simply hoping or wishing for a change it seldom comes. Yet when we take repeated action, even small steps, change becomes inevitable. To become free from what is holding you back, it is only necessary to take the next step. Just take the next step. And that is what I did until I finally broke free.

If you feel stuck, that means you are in need of break free from it.

If you feel stuck, it means you are in need of change. Life is characterized by change and we need change to thrive and grow. The purpose of life is growth; the advancement and unfolding of life. Remember, growth can only come about through change.

A stuck man
Stucked man

Feeling stuck is the result of routine and settling into a habit. I was previously in a destructive relationship and I knew I had to get out of it, but I allowed myself to continue on for years. I was stuck in it because 1) it seemed to be more painful to make the change than to remain where I was and 2) because I felt I did not have the power to create the change.

So what is the solution? How to get break free from stuck?

We get unstuck by demonstrating to ourselves the power we have to make a change. We should show our brain that it will be easier and less painful to make the change than to continue as things are. Below are some simple exercises which will help you do just that.

Turn your face toward the sun

When I was battling to break free from smoking and my negative relationship, these exercises gave me enormous strength, confidence, and certainty that I could make that change. Suddenly, creating the change seemed easier and I became excited at the adventure ahead. This mental change came quickly, and positive change goes along with just as rapidly.

Woman and sun
women and sun

Right now, making the change may seem overwhelming, but with these exercises, what once seemed difficult will diminish and fall away to the strength of your will. You shall realize that you are the master of your destiny and that your fate is in your hands.

These exercises transformed my life and led to me the lifestyle that I dreamed of. They greatly enhanced the joy and beauty of my life. And they will do the same for you when you choose to apply and persist in them.

Exercises to Get Unstuck and Break Free

Exercise 1:

Take a cold shower. I know you probably don’t feel like it. Though, getting unstuck is all about taking the reins of your own life, taking your rightful place at the throne of your mind. You can do this because all it takes is a decision to do it. And you certainly have that power.

Exercise 2:

Sit completely still without moving for 10 minutes. No physical movement at all, but your thoughts may roam free.

Exercise 3:

Write or type out what you must change and why. Write out all of the pain and suffering that you will have if you don’t change. Then, write out all of the joy and excitement you will experience once you have made the change.

Exercise 4:

Sit in a quiet, dark place where you can be undisturbed. Close your eyes. Feel how it feels to be stuck. Really allow yourself to feel the pain and frustration of where you are now. Do not fear the pain, because it will motivate you to break free from it. Then visualize yourself a year from now, if you continue on the way you are if you never make the change. Visualize how you would feel. How would you explain yourself to others? What would you miss out on in life?

Then visualize yourself five years in the future, still stuck, still never making the change. Really allow yourself to feel how it feels. See yourself in the mirror, how do you look?

Then do the same for ten years and twenty-five years from now. Each time drags with you all the extra pain and suffering you experienced, simply because you never took the action to break free.


Last, imagine yourself on your deathbed, with your loved ones surrounding you. You never broke free, you never made the change and now your life is over. Now, you must apologize to yourself and those you love. How does it feel like to have lived your life this way?

Take a moment to you really feel this, then stand up, shake yourself off and cast aside these images and feelings for now.

Next, sit again with your eyes closed and relax. Now, visualize yourself a year from now having broken free from what was holding you back. The habit, the destructive relationship, the unfulfilling job or lifestyle has become a thing of the past. You took action to unstuck yourself. You persisted and didn’t give up and now you reap the rewards. Feel how it feels to be free, to have moved onwards and upwards to more vibrant and exhilarating life. Really allow yourself to feel it, make it real in your mind.

Then, do the same thing for five years in the future. How do you feel? How do you look? Do you carry yourself differently? What can you now do that you couldn’t before?

man jumping on hills
man jumping on hills

Next, do the same for ten and twenty-five years from now, carrying with you all the extra joy and excitement that you experience. Finally, see yourself at the end of your life and look back on your life and compare it to how it would have been had you never made the change if you never took the move to break free.


Now, come back to the present moment and realize that, right now, you have a choice. There are two paths before you, which future do you want? Make the choice, take action, and don’t look back.

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5 Best Ways to Be Happy with Your Life.

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5 Best Ways to Be Happy with Your Life

Life can get insanely busy when by the end of the day you can feel exhausted and burned out. It’s impossible to completely avoid becoming burned out. You obviously have to go to work and take care of your family. But what you need know is, how to carry on both while still feeling like you have time for yourself. Five Best Ways to Be Happy with Your Life and keep your sanity. Includes taking more vacations, make time for yourself daily, partake in yoga, or some other type of meditation, create a good daily schedule, and prioritize your duties.

1. Take more Vacations

People tend to think vacations are just for the summertime. But if you feel like you working hard and deserve more time to yourself. Add more than just your annual beach vacation to the mix.

Daughter and Father at Beach
Daughter and Father at Beach

Switch it up and go somewhere new and beautiful such as Hill station or sea beaches. Either take a tour of Italy or France.

When you find a great vacation spot that you most want to visit make yourself and the things you want to see a priority for the rest of the year you can’t.

Taking more vacations not only boosts your mood and reduces depression but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment and justifies all of the hard work you do for the rest of the year. It’s great to have the adventure to look forward to.

2. Always Take out Time For Yourself

It’s hard, especially if you are a working parent, to find a way to make time for yourself on a daily basis.

Earphones and Coffee
Earphones and Coffee

It’s very important that you allow yourself some time to unwind and to be left alone at the end of the day in order to keep yourself fresh and able to conquer your next challenge.

Whether it be just a little time in the morning that you set aside for your morning coffee alone or in the evening when the kids have gone to bed and you read a book by yourself or watch something on T.V. No matter what it is you do, just make sure you do it for you and do it alone in peace every day.

If your goodness does not include yourself, it is incomplete.

3. Start Practicing Yoga

Yoga is a great way to meditate while also toning your muscles and relieving daily stress.

Lady doing meditation

It is also a way to ensure you are getting some time for yourself since the yoga class will take away the possibility of any distractions you may get at home and force your mind to relax and concentrate on your body and the present moment.

If you can’t find time in your schedule for a yoga class, give home yoga practice with Adriene a shot!

Even if yoga is really not your thing, any type of exercise or recreational activity can give you the same results such as archery, swimming, or even fishing!

4. Schedule & Prioritize

Another super ninja way to take control back in your life is to create and stick to a schedule.

Woman making to do List
Woman making to do List

Schedules can be both good and bad, but if followed accordingly on a loose basis, schedules could be life-saving.

When you are trying to juggle a million things at one time on a daily basis coming up with a well organized and solid schedule will make you feel more in control and less stressed out trying to figure out what day it is and when you have to pick up the kids!

5. Prioritize Your Daily Activities

If you do not have time, the truth is, you do not have priorities.

Lady doing crunches
Lady doing crunches

When you’ve got a busy schedule and there is only so much time in the day. Prioritizing your daily duties can help you feel more in control and confident knowing you are doing what needs to be done and what is most important to you.

Go through your list of daily activities. Don’t be afraid to cross things off that aren’t that important to you. You can clean and de-clutter that closet another time.


So if you want to maintain control in your life and you are starting to feel overwhelmed. Make sure you are creating schedules, prioritizing your duties, and always making time for yourself in this busy busy life!

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How to Read Books More: The 10 Best Enthralling Reasons.

This is quite a big question for some people, How to read more books or how to be addicted to it. There is next to nothing more enjoyable than reading a good book. I simply love that feeling of plunging through space and time and different dimensions. I love it when the novel creates that magical feeling of traveling around the world where I am being put into the bodies and minds of astonishing and fascinating heroes, endless destinies and stories are unraveled opening up new meanings and reflections on my own life and the way I perceive the world.

open books
How to Read More Books

I read books because I love reading. It enriches me, it teaches me, it makes me stronger and more open-minded with each book I read. A book is a powerful teacher that shifts our imagination and expands the horizons of our mind.

I’m far from being the fastest and the most ferocious reader in the world, but I do it daily. And I genuinely enjoy reading.

I know that many people wish to know “how to read books more”, but don’t know quite where to begin, how to start doing so.

How to Read Books More: The 10 Best Enthralling Reasons

1. Expanding the Viewpoint

The more books from different genres you read the more you expand your viewpoint horizons. It simply opens your heart to new ideas, people, cultures, different views on history, and unites you with the rest of the world at the same time. The more perspectives you get, the better you are at understanding people, the world, and, life.

Glass ball
glass ball

2. Endless Inspiration & Knowledge

It’s true when we say that every time we meet someone, they always know something we don’t and vice versa. The same goes for reading books. When we take a new book to the reading list, it has some story, some teachings, some insight, some boost of knowledge and some inspiration in store for us. Every single book you read fills your mind with information and, even though you never know when it might come in handy – the more knowledge you have, the better you are equipped to tackle new challenges that life throws your way. Our mind is like a sponge that absorbs the information and comes up with solutions, tools, and skills in life when you need them most.

Inspiration & Knowledge Quote
Inspiration & Knowledge Quote

3. Biographies & Dreaming Big

It is always an inspirational infusion when you read biographies of people that inspire you. An incredible journey of their lives teaches us how to push harder, how to identify what we want, and how to go for it. Whenever I read someone’s biography it compels me to THINK BIG and DARE TO DREAM – something that some teachers fail to teach at the school.

Martin Luther King

Think about people that inspire you. Who’s story of life would you would love to know more about?

4. Creativity Boost

Our mind is like any muscle in our body: in order to be healthy and strong, it needs its daily boost of knowledge through reading. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that the more people engage their mind with reading the less their chances are to become a victim of Dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases.

New ideas that we come across when we read, It tends to stretch our creativity enormously. The more we read, the more exercise our brain gets.

Reading books expand your creativity. Creativity gives you the ability to solve problems effectively and in no time. Creativity provides you the power to write interesting books, Generate breakthroughs in science that subsequently aids us all. It helps humanity.

Creativity quotes
Creativity quotes

Reading expands the imagination. It makes you see what you’ve read. And there is no movie better than a good book and your own imagination.

5. Better relationships

From a good conversation to a deeper, more meaningful conversation. Every book you read improves your relationships with people. It gives you a better understanding of psychology and human nature. It helps you understand yourself when you find your reflection in the book that you are reading.

A hugging couple

6. Good vs. Bad ideas

Books help me a lot in distinguishing good and bad ideas by simply reflecting and learning about what has worked for someone in the past and what doesn’t currently work right now. Especially when you’ve chosen a field that you strive to become an expert at. Reading develops your analytical thinking. It increases your focus and concentration. As more we read, as more, we become able to think and, therefore, use our brain. And the more solutions, valuable skills, intelligence we collect in the library of our knowledge.

7. Dramatic Vocabulary Expansion

The more we read books the broader exposure to a wide range of writing styles and words we receive. When you read and come across new words, they find their place in your daily vocabulary and expand it dramatically. Imagine that you have a toolbox that gains more tools with every book you read. Your toolbox simply has more tools that help you to express your ideas, beliefs, and contemplations in a better way.

Reading books is an absolute must for those who learn new languages because if you are not a native speaker, you get a wider exposure to words and you understand their context. When we come across new words in different contexts, it deepens our understanding of where and how to use them. It helps us with writing and speaking more fluently.

The idea is simple. The more you expand your vocabulary by reading more, the more self-confidence you gain knowing that you are articulate and well-spoken. It gives you a great boost in any profession you are into.

8. Writing Skills Boost

Improvement of writing skills expanding upon vocabulary. Broad exposure to the world of books (different genres and writing styles) and a boost in your own imagination and creativity subsequently increase your chances to write a brilliant piece of work. Why? Because when we read our subconscious tends to absorb everything and expands our personal grammar and understanding of the language.

Pen and Paper
Pen and Paper

Just like musicians influenced one another writing new masterpieces and world-famous painters used the techniques of previous generations of great painters creating something new… great authors create new masterworks with their readings and inspiration from other great authors.

9. Memory Enhancement

Wouldn’t it be nice to expand your memory capacity? What more can help in pushing your memory muscle and make it stronger? Reading books, of course. Every time you read, it needs you to remember a lot of details, characters, ambitions, motivations, and backgrounds. And this is what amazes me the most about our minds. It can pick up and remember even the smallest details of the story. The more you read, the more you train your mind to remember… the more expanded your memory gets.

10. Stress Relief and Tranquility

It doesn’t matter how much stress you experience during business hours, or when you are at school or university, or when something is going on with your relationships… All issues changed into irrelevant and dissolve when you give yourself some rest and disappeared in a good storyline. A book brings you to travel to a different reality and dimension while draining all the tension in the present. It gives you relief, peace, and tranquility.

A happy woman


In the next posts, we will expand the subject of reading, comprehensive techniques, speed reading, and talk about why we shouldn’t judge a book by its movie.

I hope this article motivated you to pick up a book and start reading. What are you currently reading?

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